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Delight in various colorful designs and flavors with our charming layered jams! Perfect as a present or souvenir.

A hot topic! You-ichi is a jam-centered sweet shop founded in 2011 by Yuishi Sagawa in Hiroshima, Japan. We make a brilliant array colorful two-layered jams that are beautiful for the eyes to behold. You can enjoy sweets and drinks in a comfortable space with beautiful scenery that changes with every season.


TOY JAM ~Raspberry & Pistachio Milk~1,350Yen (incl. tax)

The most popular jam of you-ichi's TOY JAM!
A two-layered jam with a tart fruity raspberry layer and a layer of rich pistachio paste milk jam that combine into a luxurious confectionary-like flavor.

TOY JAM ~Mikan Cardamom~1,350Yen (incl. tax)

Winner of the 2017 Gold Marmalade Contest in the UK!
We use whole mandarin oranges grown in the Setouchi area and add cardamom to add a sharp spice to create a fruity marmalade with a refreshing fragrance. Can also be used in cooking!

TOY JAM ~Salted Caramel Milk & Almond Chocolate~1,404Yen (incl. tax)

For lovers of sweet delights, we recommend this layered milky jam with salted caramel and sweet nutty chocolate. Spread on bread or toast for a savory-sweet treat!