Homerun Shokudo

We use healthy and delicious vegetables from local farmers to make breakfast and snacks that will satisfy your mind and body.

The origin of our name is derived from the popular "Homerun Shokudo" eatery that was run by my grandparents about 50 years ago.
We try to use the best ingredients from local or neighboring areas as much as possible, selecting pesticide-free organic vegetables and produce sent directly from farmers.

Although our name contains “shokudo” (Japanese word for eatery, canteen, restaurant, snack bar, etc.), we are a small café mainly serving breakfast and snacks with “Rice Porridge Morning” as our specialty.
We prepare meals that are easy to eat and energize both your body and mind.
A wide range of customers come to visit, such as families with children, travelers, people grabbing a bite to eat before heading to work, and neighborhood grandmas.

*Since the café is located in an inconspicuous place, a signboard is displayed during business hours to guide customers.


Rice Porridge Morning1,000Yen (incl. tax)

Homerun Shokudo’s signature menu item: a daily special “okayu” (rice porridge).
Ingredients are “locally produced for local consumption” including pesticide-free organic vegetables.
The contents change daily and contain the following:
・Brown rice porridge cooked in a clay pot every morning
・8 to 9 side dishes, consisting of mostly organic vegetables
・Handmade nukazuke (pickled dish containing vegetables fermented in brine & rice bran)
・Includes hot water before the meal and tea after the meal
This meal set has a strong focus on vegetables in order to allow customers to enjoy the taste of the season’s harvest.

Post-Meal Mini Pudding and Sablé200Yen (incl. tax)

The café’s signature mini pudding and sablé cookie.
Our simple mini pudding, which has been our staple since Homerun Shokudo’s establishment, is made with organic free range farm chicken eggs, light brown sugar, and milk.
The special characteristic of this pudding is that it is firm enough to hold its shape even when scooped with a spoon, but when you take a bite it has a soft and smooth texture that melts in your mouth.
This pudding was made with immense effort after repeated trials until reaching the ideal amount of sweetness with a firm yet soft texture.
The accompanying sablé is also popular for its simple yet amazing taste that entices customers to want more.

Sake Kasu Scones250Yen (incl. tax)

Besides our classic pudding, the sake kasu-flavored scone is also popular. (sake kasu “sake lees” is leftover white paste from rice wine).
The scone is baked till the outside is nicely crisp, while the inside is soft and moist with yogurt and sake lees.
The subtle sweetness makes it go well with butter or jam, ideal as a light snack that can accompany your meal.
You can enjoy the scone freshly baked in the café or you can take it with you to enjoy at home.