Louid Tavern

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One of the largest darts bars in the western Japan region. We provide drinks and entertainment late into the night!

A long-established darts bar providing drinks and entertainment for 26 years!
We have many entertaining activities available like darts, indoor miniature golf, PongConnect (beer pong), Gun Arena (shooting game), karaoke, Wii U, Turbo (slot game), and more!
With 110 seats in our establishment, the spacious interior is one of the largest in western Japan!! There are private rooms for karaoke and 9 seats at the counter. Feel free to drop by solo or hold a private party with a group!
Enjoy a late night out in Hiroshima at Louid Tavern!


“Umai De Gansu!!”550Yen (incl. tax)

“Gansu” is a specialty of Hiroshima. Simply put, it is a crispy fried fish paste cake. Please enjoy with cold beer!♪