Using local Hiroshima seasonal ingredients, we will craft fine dishes that are so delicious your heart soar.

A restaurant where you can eat fresh and delicious seafood from Setouchi.
We eagerly await for you to come by and try some of our abundant seasonal seafood dishes such as oysters, raw “shako” (mantis shrimp), small sardines, and shellfish.
In addition to standard sashimi, we bring something new to the table by making elaborate dishes crafted with ingenuity that brings out the best of every ingredient.
We only procure enough lively fish for each day to ensure we always serve the freshest fish and try to use local produce for our vegetables as much as we can. We purchase seasonal organic vegetables from farmers in Hiroshima and Yaga every day and cook them in a simple way that will accentuate and bring out the genuine flavor of the ingredients with a nice balance.
We also have a large selection of local sake from Hiroshima, so you can enjoy delicious drinks with your delicious meal.


Ko-iwashi (Small Sardine) Sashimi600Yen (excl. tax)

Thin slices of raw fresh small sardines caught near Hiroshima Bay - serving these is like a summer tradition in Hiroshima.
It is said that while they are fresh, if you wash the small sardines 7 times, they taste like luxurious sea bream.
These delicious, fatty sardines gradually lose their freshness from the moment they are procured, so you can only eat them with this peak freshness in Hiroshima.

Anago (Conger Eel) Sashimi900Yen (excl. tax)

Enjoy the light and satisfying taste of the white meat of luxurious conger eel served as sashimi (sliced fresh raw fish/meat eaten with soy sauce).
Alternatively, we also serve them grilled (with or without sauce) for 1,300 yen.

Kettle-Cooked Anago Meshi (Conger Eel Rice Dish)1,600Yen (excl. tax)

“Kamameshi” (rice cooked in a traditional Japanese kettle that brings out the best aroma and flavor) using high quality Koshihikari brand rice delivered from contract farmers.
The delicious juices and sauce from the plump conger eel soak into the soft rice to make each bite full of flavor and umami to create a moment of bliss.
We recommend enjoying the rice dish as it is and then add dashi (soup stock) to enjoy it as “ochazuke” (rice poured with hot water, dashi, or tea with a variety of toppings).