A Japanese restaurant founded in 1965. Enjoy seasonal ingredients crafted with long-established culinary techniques.

We have an extensive à la carte menu that alters monthly with over 80 dishes.
Our kaiseki-ryori (artful and elegant traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine) starts from 6,730 Yen. We serve fresh large and small fish and oysters caught in the Seto Inland Sea, as well as meat and original creative dishes using seasonal ingredients.
The second generation owner, Kazuaki Shimohara, is training under the renowned chef Rokusaburo Michiba (who had trained under the same master as his father).


Sardine Hambagu1,320Yen (incl. tax)

The Seto Inland Sea is Japan's number one treasure trove of small fish. In Hiroshima, ko-iwashi (small sardines) and katakuchi-iwashi (Japanese anchovies) have long been a Hiroshima favorite served as sashimi, tempura, or boiled.
Sardines not only taste excellent, but they provide health benefits as well.
This Sardine “hambagu” (Japanese style Hamburg steak), which is made of freshly caught small sardines ground into a soft and tender patty with green onions and shiso (Japanese perilla herb), has been our most popular menu item for over 50 years.

Rumored Potato Salad1,100Yen (incl. tax)

Resembling mozzarella cheese or ice cream at first glance, this creamy salad is made with potatoes, crab meat, cucumber, onion, and other ingredients.
This popular potato salad recipe was created by the second-generation owner. It has a complex flavor and appearance, complemented with a tart dressing that entices customers to return for more and spread the word to others, hence the name “rumored potato salad”.

Abalone with Viscera Sauce3,080Yen (incl. tax)

The abalone is softly steamed and generously covered in a rich and unique sauce made with the ear shell’s insides. This captivating dish has a unique taste that cannot be found elsewhere and is praised by many impressed customers.