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A cozy bar where you can stop by for a nice drink as well as enjoy a delicious light meal and some snacks.

A quiet, long-established bar familiar to many Hiroshima locals, located a little north of the lively Nagarekawa and Yagenbori area. The space is cozy with the entrance door left open in the summer to allow visitors to take in the welcoming atmosphere before entering.
In addition to various alcoholic beverages, light meals such as curry are also served here. Many customers come to “navel” to relax and wind down after a drinking party and chime in that "the food at this bar is delicious."


Mojito1,100Yen (incl. tax)

Please enjoy this refreshing mojito made with plenty of homegrown mint!!

Frozen Cocktail1,100Yen (incl. tax)

Using seasonal fruits, this refreshing and delicious frozen cocktail is perfect for a hot summer in Japan. Also great after a meal!