Chikara (at Hondori 4-chome)

So good you want to eat it again and again! Our take on the classic Chinese ramen and traditional Japanese udon noodles are a big hit with many local fans.

Founded in 1935, "Chikara" is a popular noodle chain restaurant currently operating in about 30 locations throughout Hiroshima. This branch is located in “Hondori”, the most popular shopping district in Hiroshima close to the Peace Memorial Park. Locals and tourists of all walks of life and generations come to shop here.

The first floor of our building serves "udon" (classic Japanese wheat-flour noodles) using the same traditional methods we have for years and our “udon-dashi” (udon broth) is made from Rishiri kelp, Kyoto blend bonito shavings, and Hyogo Tatsuno's fresh light soy sauce.

The second floor serves "ramen" (Japanese-style Chinese noodles served in broth) which is very popular especially with international visitors. We are one of four Chikara branches where you can enjoy our new specially made ramen that was born in 2012 in collaboration with Ramen Specialty restaurant “Hakata Ippudo”.

Additionally, we serve several side orders such as gyoza, fried chicken, and chopped chashu pork which customers often enjoy with draft or craft beer before having a bowl of ramen.
We also have a selection of rice dishes and seasonal Japanese sweets.

Take-out is available for most of our menu items so you can enjoy the taste of Chikara at home.


Beef Udon650Yen (incl. tax)

Our beef udon places in our top 3 most popular udon rankings.
The umami of the tender shoulder loin part of the cooked beef combined with the flavor of the dashi (broth) creates a pleasant, balanced sweetness.
The beef is cooked with reduced fat to allow the taste of the meat itself to shine.

Traditional Flavor Ramen680Yen (incl. tax)

The familiar Hiroshima ramen served in all of our restaurant branches with a "traditional, gentle taste".
The soup is a flavorful broth made by carefully simmering “tonkotsu” (pork bones) and chicken stock, layered with the umami of seafood and soy sauce. We top it with our signature crispy mung bean sprouts grown by a contract farmer.

Specially Made Ramen (Shin-moto-aji, Koku-aji - collaboration with “Hakata Ippudo”)910Yen (incl. tax)

This “all toppings” ramen recipe was crafted in 2012 in collaboration with the famous ramen specialty restaurant “Hakata Ippudo”.
The soup is a “tonkotsu” (pork bone) and soy sauce broth, topped with spinach, onions, chashu pork, wonton, boiled eggs, and seaweed.
With its abundant toppings and large volume, you can enjoy various flavors and feel thoroughly satisfied.